Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tomato Pie

I was visiting family for the 4th of July last weekend, but determined to meet my goal of trying one new recipe a week. On the way home, we stopped at the farmers' market in Pound Ridge, NY, hoping to stock up on vegetables for the week. Unlike the farmers' markets around here, the one in Pound Ridge was lacking in vegetables. It was just a few stands with jams, plants, and other random stuff. It made me realize that the area where I grew up just doesn't have many farms around, and I'm grateful to live in an area where my kids can really get a sense that food comes from the ground, rather than the supermarket.

The only vegetables for sale were tomatoes, so I bought a few pounds of tomatoes to bring home to Cambridge with us. I looked up recipes to try when we arrived home, and decided on this one. It looked fairly easy to make, and the kids were very excited by the idea of having pie for dinner.

It definitely could be make with a store bought pie crust, but Josh is a big pie maker, and made me a crust easily. One nice thing about this recipe is that it was very easy for my 3-year-old to help. He laid all the tomatoes out in the pie, and scooped the cheese/mayo mixture on top. They didn't have green onions at Trader Joe's so we used chives from our front porch instead.

It took a little while longer to cook than I thought it would, but the pie crust started to brown so we decided it was ready. The 3-year-old, who had been very excited to eat pie for dinner, got very upset when he saw it since he thought pies must have crusts on top, so he refused to even try it. It was a little soupy when we served it, and didn't quite hold it's shape. My toddler likes to try eating everything with a fork, and he had trouble eating this on his own, but seemed to like what he managed to get to his mouth.

I thought it tasted OK, but wasn't too crazy about the tomato/cheddar combination. I've since seen similar recipes that use different cheeses, and I think it would be better with goat cheese or mozzarella (especially fresh mozzarella). We joked that with mozzarella it would be a pizza pie. I think we if end up with lots of tasty tomatoes, I'll give this concept another try, but with some changes in the ingredients. I think basil would have been a nice substitution for the green onions.

The pie held up well for leftovers, and we all got a second meal out of it at lunch the next day.

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